Episode 1: The Pilot

Burt Rutan's Hybrid Gas-Electric, Road-Air Vehicle: Model 367

Pictured above: Burt Rutan’s Hybrid Gas-Electric, Road-Air Vehicle: Model 367

In this episode:


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Danny’s Topic

I had the chance to interview one of people involved in the restoration of a DHC-5 Buffalo as a tribute to Canadian Peacekeepers and the crew and passengers of the last flight of Canadian Forces Buffalo 115461. Visit the link above, Buffalo 461 for more information on the restoration project.

Chris’ Topic

You can send your very own satellite to space for less than $10,000. Interorbital Systems is making space experimentation a possibility for the average space enthusiast.

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Opening and closing music is Dolphin’s Day by Robert Walker.

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  1. Welcome to the podcasting club, guys. I’m really enjoying Episode 1 – content and audio are great and I’m looking forward to more. Keep it coming!

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