Episode 3: Newsworthy

Canadian Snowbirds flying CT-114 Tutors
The Canadian Snowbirds, 431 Demonstration squadron, flying CT-114 Tutors


Upcoming Events

  • Snowbirds over Gore Bay
    Gore Bay, On. Sep. 14
  • Reno Air Races
    Reno, NV, USA Sept 14 – 18

Canadian International Air Show Wrap-up

Find out about the CIAS which took place in Toronto, September 3rd – 6th and featured the first ever flight of an Osprey in Canada.

Cleared En Route Top Planes

A new segment where we propose an aircraft as an iconic, Canadian airplane and leave it up to you, the listeners to let us what you think of it!

In this episode: Canadair CT-114 Tutor.

Wrap up

We’re working on iTunes availability, thanks to all who have emailed us about it!

Coming up in future episodes: deHavilland Canada history segments. Learn about the Beaver, the Otter and all the other great DHC aircraft!

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Opening and closing music is Dolphin’s Day by Robert Walker