Episode 5: Most of Canada looks like this…

deHaviland DHC2 Beaver at the 2011 Waterloo Air Show
deHaviland DHC2 Beaver on static display at the 2011 Waterloo Air Show


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Also on this episode:

Chris interviews Edward Gee from Viking Air

Edward Gee is Product Support Manager for Viking Air in British Columbia.  Viking Air has assumed responsibility for seven of the eight original de Havilland type certificates.  Hear about how they went from a service provider to aircraft manufacturer and hear about the future of de Havilland, now Viking’s, aircraft.

Cleared En Route History of Canadian Aviation: Bush Flying

Chris explores the history of aviation in Canadian forests.  Not surprisingly, given the vast amount of hinterland possessed by Canada, a lot of aviation firsts took place because of bush flying.  Hear about some special aircraft and some of the people behind bush flying during this installment of the History of Canadian Aviation.

Wrap up

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