Welcome to the home page of ‘Cleared En Route’ an aviation podcast from Ontario, Canada.  Come with us every episode as we explore the fascinating world of flight through news updates, aircraft profiles, airshow coverage, and interviews from members of the aviation community in Canada and around the world.  Whether it’s on the ground preparing to taxi, in orbit preparing to come home or at any altitude and attitude in-between; we cover it here.

Hosted by two life long aviation enthusiasts Danny Vacar and Chris Johnson, ‘Cleared En Route’ is a podcast about all things aviation… with a Canadian flavour (Saskatoon Berries, we think).  Fueled by a passion for flight, ‘Cleared En Route’ has been created to contribute to conversation surrounding aviation.  Both in the community and within the public at large.

Seriously, humans have mastered flight… that’s a pretty neat trick.

Danny is a long time aviation and flight simulation enthusiast and is currently working on his Canadian private pilot’s licence. He is an avid air show attendee and during the air show season you can find him wandering around at many shows. For the rest of the year you can find him at airports in the Southern Ontario region taking in the miracle of flight.

Chris Johnson is an aviation enthusiast who, despite having no wings of his own, has spent hundreds of hours flying across Canada as a passenger commercially.  Until he gets those wings he satisfies himself with flight simulators and remote control aviation.  Chris also has a keen interest in space aviation and eagerly awaits the full dawning of the new space race.  This was supposed to be the future, forget the jetpack, where is the Jetson’s Flying-space-car he was promised?

Thanks for stopping by at the ‘Cleared En Route’ homepage.  We hope you enjoy the podcast and always love to hear from listeners.